How to be a perfect client for your escort girl?

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How to be the perfect client?

Being the perfect client for an London escort is not as complicated as it seems. You just have to focus on treating them well, kindly, with respect and safety, and you will be able to get everything they have to offer you. 

Even though they are offering you a service, these girls need you to treat them like princesses. And showing respect for them also includes being on time for the appointment, buying them a nice wine, taking them by the hand, or in case of any inconvenience be clear with her and call her. Most of them are very patient and want to please you, but they have their limits and can also be displeased if you do not meet the normal characteristics that a gentleman should have.

Avoid showing up unshowered on the date. They appreciate it when their clients are clean and their hair is neat. If you don’t have enough time to do it before the date, you can do it when you arrive at the hotel. 

When you go to pay for their services, do it in an envelope. Giving them directly in your hand is usually considered very rude and they may be very upset. And above all, present yourself politely so that the evening can be pleasant for both of you. She is there to make you feel good, but she also needs your cooperation so that the evening doesn’t turn into an unpleasant outing for either of you. If you have any fetish, say it beforehand before going to the sexual act or insinuate it before scheduling the date with the escort to determine if she accepts it or not, since each girl has her different types of services and sexual practices that they do not perform.

Don’t be shy and tell her everything, besides being beautiful they have a very sweet soul and are very compassionate. Indeed, our girls at Theory Love Escorts are real ladies.